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Chimata Music
Paatha paatala parnasala. Listen to old melodies.

Music Mazaa - Listen to New and old Telugu Songs.

Meet Smita, the young Vijayawada girl making waves on the Indipop musicscene with the success of her maiden album,"Hai Rabba". That
her voice and the video could carve out a place for themselves amid the deluge of music videos hitting the small screen everyday is an achievement in itself. Lapping up the new-found success and yes, the celebrity status that comes with it,the born-in-hyderabad brought-up-in Vijayawada girl smiles.

Born on September 4, she shares her sun sign with the legendary Asha Bhosle.Although she made a mark in the field music, her looks and photogenic physiognomy are sure to create envy among aspiring models and beauty queens.
This petite singer with her husky voice is all set to carve a niche for herself in the world of music with her debut album "Hai Rabba".

Chandrakantha Courtney gaari telugu music page

Janaranjani - Listen to old Telugu Songs by Ghantasala, p suseela and vamsee.

M U S I F I E D - More Music

Ramaneeya raaga sudha

The World of Veena Music by Sujana Vadlamani : Born in 1976 in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, Sujana Sarma Vadlamani(Parupalli) comes from a family with rich music tradition. She is the grand-daughter of Late Sangeetha Sarvabhouma Parupalli Ramakrishnayya Pantulu, who was the teacher of renowned vocalist Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna. Her brother Parupalli Subbaraya Phalgun is also an excellent percussion ( Mridangam and Kanjeera) artist and is currently a Lecturer in Music College, Vijayawada. Smt.Sujana Sarma started learning the Veena at the age of 10. She learnt veena initially from Smt. Lakshmi Suramma and then had advanced training later from renowned violinist and composer Shri. N.C.H. Krishnamacharyulu. She has given many concerts in All India Radio, Vijayawada (B grade Artist in All India Radio) and in many places in South India.

For Indians

Telugu Songs Sites

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Spoken Telugu Level1

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