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I am an avid hunter. Hunting is a sport, as well as a food provider. I hunt with bow and arrow and guns. I have met other hunters in the woods that knew, full well, the safety rules in gun handling. I have also met some that should not be out there with a slingshot.I have let legal game pass me by because there was another hunter downrange in the direction I would have to shoot. I feel that all hunters should have gun training before setting foot in the woods.Guns are inert objects. There is nothing good or bad about guns. A gun owner has the honor of that title. A gun is mechanical. It cannot think or react on its own. A gun is a tool, in the same category as a golf club, a hockey stick a baseball bat or any other sporting tool that delivers a projectile. The person using the tool should know the rules regarding that tool.Each gun has a range for its projectile. That range depends on the style of the gun. For example, the maximum range of a 22-caliber rifle is approximately one mile, while a 308-caliber rifle has a maximum range of approximately three miles. The gun user should understand the range of his gun and know when the downrange is safe to shoot.In comparison to guns, a golfer has to know the range of his driver club and wait for the players ahead of him to get out of range before he tees off. Golf balls have been known to seriously injure or kill people on the golf course.Guns are known commonly as weapons and have received this bad name by people who want to cause harm to other people. Any tangible item can be used as a weapon if someone so desired. A screwdriver, a hammer, a rope, or even a table lamp can be used as a weapon. These are all inert objects, the same as a gun.Accidents will happen with guns, the same as they will happen with other objects. An automobile can be used as a murder weapon, or can be involved in an accident that kills someone. A person must be trained to use a gun as well as to operate a vehicle. Gun handling safety and skills are taught by the, National Rifle Association, (NRA) as well as other organizations.I believe in the NRA gun safety rules and have raised my children to know the rules by heart. The rules can be foundhereand should be strictly adhered to. You should know these rules, by heart, before you ever lay a hand on a gun.The gun topics in the news have hinted that the Federal Government would like to ban guns in this country. The average number of guns, per state, in this country has been estimated at 600,000. Do the math for just the 48 states and you will come up with a total count of 28,800,000 guns. That is the biggest army in the world and a good reason to allow thefirearmsto remain with the population. During WWII, the Japanese did not invade our country proper, for just that reason.The NRA stated that by making guns illegal, only the criminals would have guns. The government turned it upside-down and said that if guns were illegal, you would be a criminal if you had one. I could go on forever with this argument, but to make a long story short, gun owners should be required to pass a personal history test and pass a gun schooling test to own one.If a criminal wants a gun, he/she will get one, even if it requires making one. As I've stated before, a gun is not at fault for a crime, it's the criminal that uses it. This article is my personal opinion and all information stated here is an approximation.Published byDon RothraPublished poet and a retired professional musician but mostly jack of all trades. Several years experience in construction. Song writer and country band leader for many years View profile

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